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What is PIQ Form & How to Fill PIQ form in SSB Interview

Soon after Document Verification,Candidates are asked to Fill their details in a form called as Personal Information Questionnaire Form.This Form is also known as PIQ Form.

PIQ Form remains the Same For All SSB Centres.Immediately after the Documentation is the PIQ Form Filling Procedure where in the Candidates are asked to fill in the following details:-

Check Sample PIQ form for SSB Interview: Click Here for Download

1.Name in Capitals
2.Place of Maximum Residence(Place,District,State)
3.Place Of Present Residence(Place,District,State)
4.Place of Permanent Residence(Place,District,State)
5.Parent's Details-Details Of Family Members
6.Educational Details
7.Age Of The Candidate
8.Height In Metres
9.Weight in Kgs
10.Present Occupation and Monthly Income
11.NCC Training Yes or No
12.Particulars About the Training
13.Participation in Games and Sports
15.Details about Extra Curricular activities
16.Nature Of Commission
17.Choice Of Service
18.Details of Previous SSB Interviews

Importance of PIQ Form in SSB Interview

PIQ Form is important as most of the Questions asked during Personal Interview is based on What you write in PIQ Form.

We in Trishul Defence Academy Often Suggest not to Lie in PIQ form as if you lie in PIQ Form there are fare chances that you will be caught in Personal Interview Session and that would become a reason for non recommendation.

Candidates must carefully provide the information in the PIQ form of the SSB Interview and be prepared during the interview to share logically their experiences and lessons of their participation in all the activities they mentioned in the form .PIQ Form in SSb Interview is a snapshot of what a Candidate has done in his life.Be very very careful while you fill this form.No Cuttings and Overwritings are Entertained in PIQ Forms.

Points to Remember While Filling PIQ Form in SSB Interview

1.Remember PIQ Form can be a base for Recommendation or Non Recommendation thus Fill the Form Carefully
2.PIQ Form Reveals your Personality thus be sure about what You are Writing
3.Following a synchronological order while writing responsibilities and achievements reveals good organizing ability.
4.Hobbies and interests reveal a lot about personality. Hobbies that are productive and creative generate the interest of the interviewer.
5.Your PIQ Form is sent to Interviewing Officer and a Psychologist thus be careful when you fill the form

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