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Why Choose Us for Territorial Army


By joining our Territorial Army course at Trishul Defence Academy, the trained and qualified staff will help you in inoculating some essential traits like effective intelligence, reasoning ability, power of expression, organizing ability, social adaptability, sense of responsibility, co-operation, self confidence, initiative, and ability to influence the group, speed of making decision determination, liveliness, courage and stamina.


If you wish to join the Territorial Army then choosing us to assist you in your noble endeavour to serve the motherland is the right option. We have the best faculty and above all managed and run by Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra, who also happens to be former GTO officer. He has served as a member of various Service Selection Boards and well acquainted with the traits being looked upon in a person during selection for armed forces including Territorial Army.


You can simply count on his tips, teaching methodology and expertise involved in imparting training. His colleagues actively assist him in the noble initiative spearheaded by him over the years to train and guide future cadets and Territorial Army aspirants. His aim is not to en-cash the growing trend of youths aspiring to enter armed forces but to groom and nurture the budding talents and helps them in developing qualities that are essential and pre-requisite to don the uniform.


And of course, we have hired highly experienced and talented staff to perform the ancillary tasks and enable the Director, Abhinav Mehrotra, a renowned motivational speaker and top notch defence trainer to concentrate on his core competency. You can simply check out his videos on the You Tube. Simply subscribe to our channel and download Trishul Defence Academy App to learn about the unique and innovative ways, in which we can help you.


We do not aim to earn profits but do not need funds to pay salary to our staff and maintain the world class infrastructure provided by us to teach students with optimum utilization of cutting edge solutions and other state-of-the-art facilities. In short, we charge a meagre amount to keep the show running without any interruption and inconvenience.


We invest heavily in research activities and keep on coming with new solutions to meet the fast changing dynamics of armed forces selection procedure. Our aim is to provide you the best of everything you need to build a career in Territorial Army. The proof of pudding lies in eating, therefore, we request you to get in touch with our counsellors and support staff for detailed information about our no-holds-barred solutions. Our affordable solutions are just a click away! Be rest assured that our team will exceed your expectation in every step of the way.  Join Now!