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What Is AFSB

What Is AFSB: AFSB or Air Force Selection Board is the board for choosing officers of Indian Airforce. Hence on the off chance that you need to join the IAF as an officer you need to show up before the board for SSB interview. The entire interview process taken by this board is very different to the typical interviews.

Interview process at AFSB comprises of tests to check your character, which incorporates your physical wellness, mental strength, general mindfulness and so forth. Hence AFSB is the body which takes interviews for enrolling officer into the IAF- Indian Airforce. There are four AFSB sheets in India. These are in Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar and Varanasi. The AFSBs are numbered for the convienence purpose. AFSB Dehradun is known as 1 AFSB. AFSB Mysore as 2AFSB, Gandhinagar as 3AFSB and AFSB Varanasi as 4 AFSB. 3AFSB is the freshest of the multitude of three selection board centres.

Just AFSBs have the machines to test the fitness for military flying pilots. Accordingly to join avionics part of Army or Navy (and obviously Airforce) likewise competitors need to go through this test for pilot for example PABT in AFSB as it were. These machines are utilized for PABT for example Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test.

The individuals who need to be a pilot in the Army Aviation Corps or Naval pilots they additionally get tried for PABT in AFSB subsequent to intersection the underlying stages. AFSB is the same as SSB, the lone contrast is that PABT tests are directed distinctly in AFSB. Rest every one of the things of testing continue as before, with a minor contrast of a couple of things like schedule of testing and so on. The tests and the pattern of those remains before in both.

The testing process in AFSB is done in two phases. The candidates who qualify in stage one testing are held for the following five days. Stage I involves PPDT and OIR Tests and Stage II of Psychological Tests, GTO series and a Personal Interview.

By and large the competitors are approached to report promptly toward the beginning of the day, they are picked up from the Railway Station and taken to the separate AFSB. Then, at that point stage 1 testing is done, results are pronounced by evening, the candidates who make it are held back and rest are steered back to the Railway Station. The leftover competitors are tried for the stage two testing.


What Is AFSB : General Time Table Of AFSB



Day 1: Phase 1-Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception and Discussion Tests.

Day 2: Psychological Tests and PABT for Flying Branch applicants

Day 3: Group Tests/Interviews

Day 4: Group Tests/Interviews

Day 5: Group Tests/Interviews

Day 6: Group Tests/Interviews, Board Conference


How might I show up for AFSB ?


You can show up through NDA, CDSE, and AFCAT test. You need to clear the written test and afterward if successful you will be called for AFSB interview.

Life in AFSB

The candidates in AFSB are furnished with free fooding and housing and free voyaging recompense (TA just for first time candidate). There are various kinds of indoor and outside games which competitors can play in their extra energy, going from chess carom, Table Tennis, Pool to cricket, volleyball, b-ball and so forth

Nonetheless taking any cell phone or camera is not permitted. Competitors are given imparted rooms to room sizes contrasting from one board to other. The days spent here are brilliant days, where you make companions from all sides of India. AFSBs or so far as that is concerned SSBs teach you the real essence of life in six days than any school or school can do in a years time.



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