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Territorial Army a Rage among Youths!

Territorial Army (TA) is widely acclaimed as ‘Citizen Army’. October 9 is being observed as Territorial Army Day, which is preceded by Air Force Day on October 8. The concept of joining Territorial Army as you missed the bus for regular entries is gaining traction among every generation of youths i.e. both X, Y & Z too, would join the bandwagon in a couple of years.


The move comes against the backdrop of paucity of trained personnel. There is a huge shortage of officers in the regular Army due to the tough norms of entry to Armed Forces. This is where the concept of Territorial Army comes into existence with the utility factor to act as the second line of defence in terms of hierarchy. Yes, you have heard it, right! It was a vision of our forefathers that the Indian Territorial Force had been formed as a second line of defence to the Regular Army. To meet the heavy demands from the Regular Force and ease their over-burdened schedule.  


But there is a catch! These positions are only meant for successful people in their respective fields. Any Tom, Dick or Harry is not eligible to join. You need to be successful in whatever you do, whether business, private job, celebrity, sport persons or even politician. Let us clarify – Territorial Army is not a job but service to the nation. You can have the best shot to define patriotism as envisioned by your forefathers by joining Territorial Army. It is open to all who meet the eligibility criteria and do have ‘Officers Like Quality’ (OLQ) with successful credentials in their respective fields to back their candidature.


  1. We at, Trishul Defence Academy cannot help much in providing you relaxation in eligibility but can guarantee to take care of, rest of the process. If you have a decent private job in any field or a fairly successful businessman and below 42 years of age, then Territorial Army provides you the opportunity to realise your dream of donning the uniform, right now! With the best possible assistance from Trishul Defence Academy, the task of realising the dream will be much easier. All our services are available online, offline, whichever mode you prefer.
  2. Quality is the nerve center of all our activities here at Trishul, an institute of unmatched excellence in the field of Defence preparation & training. The founder Director, Wing Commander & ex-GTO, Anoop Mehrorta has burnt the midnight oil to establish Trishul with the aim of preparing cadets for securing selection in Armed forces. Territorial Army is our current ‘Forte’, besides NDA, CDS and other defence services examinations.
  3. We have given results in the past & continue to serve the nation albeit in an indirect way by encouraging every person to join the Citizen Army and get the feel of an Army officer after touching the heights in respective fields to join the league of celebrities, sportspersons and even top notch politicians. There are many, many, many…& you have the privilege of becoming yet another addition!