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In the Path to Become a Commissioned Officer in Indian Armed Forces,Each and Every Candidate has to Face SSB Interviews.SSB Interviews is a 5 Day Procedure divided into 2 Stages:-

Stage 1- Screening-1 Day

Stage 2- Psychological Test,GTO Test,Interview and Conference - 4 Days

Each Test is Designed in such a Manner that only Expert Assessor can take this Test.These Assessors are trained with Defence Institute of Psychological Research and then Deputed into Various Selection Boards Of Army,Air Force and Navy.

The Complete SSB Interviews is a Test of Officers Like Qualities(OLQ's).It is said there are 15 Officers Like Qualities and every Candidate Who wants to become a Commissioned Officer needs to have OLQ's.To Check OLQ's in Potential Candidates,Services Selection Board has a Psychologist,GTO Officer and an Interviewing Officer

Established in 2003 by Veteran Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra who was Ex NDA ,Ex GTOTrishul Defence Academy is one Of The Best SSB Interview Coaching.Today Trishul Defence Academy has given more than 650 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and The Count is Still on. Trishul Defence Academy Provides Both Online SSB Interview Coaching and Offline SSB Interview Coaching.Candidates can shift their Classes from Online SSB Interview Coaching to Offline Platforms by adjusting their Online Fees.

Who Should Take Online SSB Interview Coaching From Trishul Defence Academy

Students who are attending regular schools or colleges,Armed Forces Jawans who have dedicated themselves to the duty of the nation and all the candidates who are unable to attend Offline Classes are most Welcome to Join Trishul Defence academy for Online SSB Coaching.

Who Teaches in Online SSB Coaching in Trishul Defence Academy

The Most Important Part of any SSB Coaching is its Educators.In Trishul Defence Academy Following Assessors Teach Online SSB Interview Coaching:-

1. Col Pankaj Mehrotra

Col Pankaj Mehrotra is an Ex Interviewing Officer.He is a retired Army officer with vast and distinguished career experience of around 40 years where he held various active roles from being an army instructor to that of an Interviewing Officer at (11th and 34th Board in Allahabad) & (21st and 22nd Board in Bhopal) respectively and also held the post of Deputy President -Service Selection Boards (SSBs).

2. Captain SK Singh

Captain S. K. Singh is an Ex Defence officer who has served in various responsibilities over a span of 7 years of service career. He has been part of Kargil War. He has also worked as Sr. GTO and assessed approx 1000 candidates. He has also served abroad as Military Observer [MILOB] in the United Nations Mission. Currently he serves as an esteemed SSB faculty at Trishul Defence Academy which is the best SSB interview coaching in Allahabad (Prayagraj). Under his guidance defence aspirants get benefited in advance preparation for GTO phase of SSB Interview process.

Salient Features Of Online SSB Interview Coaching

1. Trusted Brand For Online SSB Coaching

Trishul Defence Academy is a trusted Brand For Online SSB Coaching. Trishul Defence Academy was Founded by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra an Air Force Veteran who himself was Ex NDA 60th Course and was a Fighter Pilot with Indian Air Force.He himself was a GTO Officer with Service Selection Board ofIndian Air Force(4 AFSB,2 AFSB) and with army Board (19 SSB Allahabad).With the Academy set up in year 2003 Trishul Defence Academy has given over 650 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and the Count is still on.

2. Routine Live Classes by Ex GTO Captain SK Singh

Trishul Defence Academy Provides Routine Live Classes by Ex GTO Capt Sk Singh on a Routine Basis From Mon to Sunday.Timings of the Classes are designed in such a manner that Live CLasses can be attended By Serving Jawans thus Those Jawans who are eyeing Service Entry can avail maximum by Online SSB Interview Classes of Trishul Defence Academy.

3. Mock Interview By Col Pankaj Mehrotra(Dep.President-Ex Interviewing Officer)

Trishul Defence Academy Provides Live Interview Sessions by Col Pankaj Mehrotra(Ex Interviewing Officer).These Sessions are Important as the Personal Interview is based on a PIQ Form and post the Sessions, Col Pankaj Tells you the Areas where Your Weakness is there and how to cope about it.

4. Regular Home Works on Story Writing

Capt Sk Singh Firmly Believes on Giving Routine Home works on Story Writing as Story Writing is Essential Part in Screening thus Candidates attending Online SSB Interview Coaching From Trishul Defence Academy has an advantage of Practicing PPDT which makes them Clear Stage 1 Easily.

5. Regular Practice Of Officers Intelligence Rating Test

Officer Intelligence Rating Test also known as OIRT is an important test to clear to cross the Screening Stage thus in Online SSB Coaching from Trishul Defence Academy Capt Sk Singh makes sure Candidates are given enough Practice of OIR along with enough Study material for the same.

6. Regular Practice Of Psychological Test -TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT

Psychological Test TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT is an important test to know the State Of The Mind Of the Candidate.Many Candidates Dont Do Good In This Test as they fail to understand the Logic Of Psychological Test.In Online SSB Coaching Classes we make sure Enough Practice of Psychological Test is given along with Practice Exercises Of Psychological Test

7. Self Practice Exercise and Study Materials

In Online SSB Interview Coaching we understand Candidates are busy ,Some are Serving in Indian Armed Forces thus Self Practice Exercise and Study Material is of utmost importance .In The Online Classes of SSB Interview we give enough Practice Study Material which needs to be dully Practiced and submitted online back .Constant Check On Candidates is made to check their Performances in each and Every Test of SSB Interviews

How Can You Access Online SSB Interview Classes of Trishul Defence Academy

You may First Watch Demo Videos in the Bottom Of the Page or on Youtube Channel Of Trishul Defence Academy.After Watching the Demo Videos :-

Step 1- Download the Trishul Defence Academy app from Google Play Store
Step 2- Go to Store and Click on Online SSB Interview Coaching Course
Step 3- Pay the Fees and Take the Membership Of 6 Months In this Fees
Step 4- Live Videos will come Everyday and same Videos can be seen in Recoded form after 24 hrs

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