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Set wings to your dreams with TA!  

Territorial Army (TA) opens a window of opportunities for young & successful people who are eager to serve the motherland with an added advantage to travel and know the country and its people/culture/flora and fauna. The option of serving and representing the nation abroad proves to be icing on the cake. Those with family obligations can take solace over the fact that education – both school and professional colleges for children are taken care of by the Territorial Army, which ensures quality of life ensured not only for officers, but also their families.


Here is the profession to be proud of, high social status & inherent respect. With a new challenge almost everyday, there is no stagnation. And with plethora of options for growth, this is the best option to every sports freak and adventurous souls. Messes, clubs and institutions facilities will best satisfy the recreational needs of every discerning person. Territorial Army believes in gender equality and open for girls with AWWA hostel in metros.


The best part of all is that Army will ensure your physical well being and mental health.

You may have an outstanding personality, possess high quality skills, team spirit and dedication of Army man but in the absence of an effective management plan in place, it could all turn futile. As a slight deviation from the ins and outs of selection norms can mar your chances. Our team is here to rectify your shortcomings. We will set wings to your dreams of joining Territorial Army by taking care of your overall selection procedure.


  1. The good news is that you can take control over negative traits and develop officer like qualities (OLQs) with the help of a professional defence preparation team at Trishul Defence Academy to do it for you.
  2. They (trained & qualified professionals) will search out the variety of traits in you and push the positive items up and bury the negative ones in the deep.
  3. You can easily access all our services by simply downloading the Trishul Defence Academy App. You will get all the tricks and techniques to qualify rigorous selection procedure of Territorial Army from the very comfort of your home, anytime of the day or night. Before choosing any defence training institute, simply read the testimonials by our successful students to know more about our credentials as the trusted brand in defence services preparation institute. It will considerably influence your decision to stick to us or skip to some another one.


If you are seriously contending your chances in Territorial Army then choosing our services right away do make sense. We are second to none and provide you the shortest route to success without burning a hole in your pocket. Download Trishul Defence Academy App now!