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Yogendra Singh – Qualified Air Force X & Y Group


Trishul Defence Academy proud to have YOGENDRA SINGH who selected in Airforce ‘X’and ‘Y’ group. He is from Fatehpur (U.P).

Genuine preparation by yourself for X and Y group of IAF brings adventure and confidence. These are the steps which will help you-

  1. Put your concern on every topic without going much deeper in particular one.
  2. English is very important in further phase but it will not bother you in written exam. I suggest you to speak English as much as possible so that it will be helpful for you in GD(group discussion)
  3. Get up early in the morning on Sunday with the help of academy sir and run long but slow without stopwatch in initial days to be adaptable for running. 6:30 is not very challenging time if you are regularly following your running schedule. Other part of PFT (physical fitness test) is simple. 10 push-ups 10 sit-ups and 20 squats are required to qualify. Pay attention on it and do it regularly.
  4. Do numerous practice sets to be fast.
  5. Have your medical checkup. Is there any problem then get a treatment.
  6. Before 20 days of written exam leave your PFT preparation and just study in right direction.


He mentions his words-:

“I am the student of Trishul Defence Academy and want to thank all the faculty and whole family who help me in achieving my goal.This is the best Academy in Allahabad”.