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Selection In NDA 2018 Kshitij Prakash Srivastava

Trishul Defence Academy is proud to have Kshitij Prakash Srivastava who selected in NDA. He was SSB recommended for NDA-138 course

He shared his golden words:-

One failure leading to another, it’s been a tough tide all this time. Rough patches that need to be attended were out numbering the capability of patience. In that dark time I would ask these lines “DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU”. These words always kept us inspired towards our Goal. It’s your fight which needs to be won among Gentlemen through Gentlemen’s way. Being RECOMMEND is a great feeling in its own way!!! And it’s incomplete unless I thank the people who were there in my struggle for “DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU”

And through these fights the winning is owed to my Parents & Trishul Defence Academy who supported me all this time.

“A special thanks to wing commander Anoop Mehrotra sir who helped me a lot in improving my skills. I got proper guidance of how to write and how to speak in public and also how to present myself to the interviewer.”