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Amrendra Mishra – Air Force X group Selection


Trishul defence academy is proud to have AMRENDRA MISHRA selected in AIRFORCE ‘X’ Group .He is from satna (M.P) and came here for studies in Allahabad.

Sharing their moments with Trishul Defence Academy he said– when I came here I don’t know about which course to choose for preparation but here when I take enquiry they explain me each and every course and make me easy to choose airforce course.

MATHS FACULTY-PRABHAT SIR –he explain each and every question in a easy manner so that every student able to understand.he says that speed is very important to crack airforce exam because it is conducted online.they teach short tricks of every question which help me in exam to do question in short time.

PHYSICS FACULTY-NAVNEET SIR– He tell me theoretical is asked in exam.no need to focus more in numerical.

ENGLISH FACULTY-RAVI SIR– He tell always each word have double meaning so always remind to use in sentence.For exam purpose you do fill in the blanks,articles,paragraph,comprehension,this give  you accurate marks.

Special thanks to Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra sir who help me in GD/SRT classes,which help me to clear phase 2 in airforce exam.

Here are the examples of SRT which is being asked in Indian Air Force X Y Group Examination. .

1) While going on a scooter, you find someone has been hurt by your vehicle, you would –

A) Try to run away from the spot immediately.
B) stop your vehicle and say ‘I am sorry’.
C) Take him to doctor and arrange for his medical aid
D) pay compensation for the injury

2) Your maid has invited you to her daughter’s wedding. You would –

A) Completely ignore her.
B) Attend the wedding.
C) Buy a gift for her daughter and help in wedding.
D) Congratulate her and make up some excuse.

Lastly he says my trishul defence academic experience is 6 months. And the best thing is here is faculty who helps and guide me to crack exam.