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Success Story of Vishwas Narayan Mishra in Airforce Y Group 01 2020 Exam
Vishwas Narayan Mishra has made the Trishul Defence Academy proud by passing the Airforce Y Group 01 2020 Exam on his second attempt. He has contributed to the Trishul Defence Academy's enduring legacy of excellence in defence exams. Vishwas is from the village of Bharbari in Uttar Pradesh. Notably, he attended a government school run by the UP board. Vishwas gives all the credit for this success to Trishul Defence Academy. All of the alumni's achievements in defence exams and Trishul Defence Academy's reputation are the reasons for his decision to join the academy. "I consider myself incredibly blessed to be a member of Trishul Defence Academy, which helped me greatly in clearing the test," Vishwas says. "The materials and guidance provided by the academy are enough to to pass all defence exams. Reliable guidance and precise consultation of queries by the academy's highly trained and dedicated teachers, I believe, is the key to my success. The books and materials available here are incredible."