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Presidents Bodyguards India

The Presidents Bodyguard is a cavalry regiment of the Indian Army. It is the senior most in the order of precedence of the units of the Indian Army. The primary role of the Presidents bodyguard is to guard and protect the President of India.


This is the reason why the regiment is located at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi, India. It is equipped as a cavalry unit for ceremonies at Rashtrapati Bhavan and with BTR-80 vehicles in combat. The regiment is also trained as paratroopers and is expected to lead air strikes in the role of pioneers.


Presidential bodyguards have a long history of their own glory. In this regiment, soldiers are taken from different units of the army. At present, all the soldiers involved in this contingent receive special training.


Presidents Bodyguards India : They are skilled in para trooping to other areas as well. But among all these, their biggest identity is their beautiful and strong horses. All the soldiers involved in this detachment have mastery in them. You will be surprised to know that only these special types of German horses are allowed to have long hair. Apart from these, other horses in the army cannot have long hair like them. These horses weighing about 500 kg can run at a speed of 50 km.


In 1923, the British Viceroy handed over two silver trumpets and a banner to these bodyguards, since then it has continued continuously. In independent India, each new president hands over his trumpet and banner to the head of the bodyguard.


The ceremony is very grand, in which this troop performs at its best. There is no room for error in this. Apart from the President, former officers and members of the cabinet associated with this regiment also participate in this ceremony.


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