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15 OLQs SSB 2021 : Have these Officer Like Qualities To Crack


15 OLQs SSB 2021: Defence aspirants preparing for SSB interview after passing the written examination of NDA should read this blog carefully. Here we will tell you about the 15 officers like quality required to give SSB interview. Interview officers take a better test of every student. In this 5-day interview, many types of mental and physical tests are taken. In this sequence, your nature and discipline are also tested.

If you get the following 15 OLQS - Officer Like Qualities then you will be easily selected in.

 1. Confidence - There is a discussion of the might of the Indian Army all over the world. In such a situation, to be admitted in the army, it is necessary to have confidence in oneself. Being in the army, you will have to make any big decisions at times. During the SSB interview, there is a confidence test within the candidates. It is very important to have this quality in an army soldier.

2. Don't be nervous - During SSB interview, along with the confidence of the students, temperament is also taken into consideration. During this 5-day interview, how much confidence you have in the test matters. You don't have to be nervous at all during this time. You must believe in your work.

3. Your contribution in group work - The interviewing officers take a good look at how much your contribution is in the task to be done during your group work. In group work, how much you collaborate with all the members of the group, how you feel towards each other and how you lead the group during this time is also seen. You have to include all these qualities in your nature.

4. Physical ability - During SSB interview, candidates do many tasks daily. During this, how strong you keep your body is seen. You do not have to get tired quickly, have to endure a little pain and be restrained.

5. Live socially - During this time many candidates will be giving SSB interview with you. You will be asked to work with several groups. In such a situation, you will have to live in harmony with the people around you. You should have a good relationship with everyone. You should come to live in a social manner.

6. Discharge of your responsibility - The most important test in your nature is how you discharge your responsibility. How serious are you with the work you get? Therefore, when you get a task during the SSB interview, unless you complete it, you should not be distracted.

7. Attitude towards work - The officer taking the interview will see your seriousness as well as your dedication towards work. You work with complete honesty. Also, focus fully on whatever test you have.

8. Decision-making ability - You will also be asked to lead the group here. During this time, it will be seen how important the decision you take regarding the task you get and how effective this decision proves to be. During the test, you should have the ability to make an important decision as soon as possible.

9. Inspirational Nature - To have good leadership, you have to bring inspirational tendencies in your nature. The army's job is to boost each other's morale and support. During this time you have to increase the morale of your colleagues by your nature.

10. Use of time - This interview gives you a variety of physical and mental conditions. You have to learn to use time in your nature properly. Here you will be asked to create a story by looking at a picture within 30 seconds. It is important to know how to use just 30 seconds.

11. Spot Response - This 5-day interview consists of several tests, one of which is a rapid fire round. In this, you have to answer quickly without wasting time. In this, questions related to your personal life are also asked.

12. Tolerance - Your body should have pain, your heart is waiting and your brain should have the power to bear pressure. Here your mental and physical endurance is also tested. Remember that the more pain you tolerate, the stronger you will become.

13. Courage - Every candidate should have a sense of courage. The Indian Army is among those armies of the world who have to fight a new problem every day. Whether it is at the peak of Siachen or at the LOC, every day brings a new challenge. So you have to throw away the inhibitions, fear and nervousness inside you. You must have the courage to do everything.

14. Personal Test - Many of your tests will be taken by the officials in SSB interview. Apart from these tests, you should also test yourself by yourself. In your nature, you should inculcate the feeling of assessing yourself. It is important to know how capable you have become in daily tasks.

15. Sense of helping - The most special quality in your nature should be that you know to help. The principle of the Indian Army is "Seva Parmo Dharma" and they consider sacrifice and sacrifice as their everything. With this feeling, you have to do all the tasks in SSB interview. Help each other and cooperate fully.

If you include all these Officer Like Qualities inside you, then nothing can stop you from passing the SSB interview. We hope that you found QLQs SSB 2021 blog very helpful and interesting.  


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