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What is NDA Stipend?

Hello guys! Today, we are going to discuss and share information on NDA Cadets Pay or Stipend. We often come across queries from students, who are curious to know the cadets pay. So after reading this article you will be able to know about all the detail regarding NDA Cadets Salary and other perks. As a reliable and trusted coaching institute, we at Trishul are doing all to assist you with your preparation. As a result, we work hard to provide you with the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.


Coming straight to the topic, NDA Cadets Salary, which starts the moment the candidate is chosen for the training period. They are entitled to a monthly stipend of Rs. 21000 as a trainee. This money is provided to them during their training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Air Force Academy (AFA), where they receive joint pre-commissioned training before being accepted into their respective service academies.


Following completion of the training, these officers are assigned to the Indian Army as a Lieutenant, the Indian Navy as a Sub-Lieutenant, and the Air Force as a Flying Officer. The starting salary for NDA cadets in these positions is about Rs. 55,000.


This is not all! The icing on the cake is yet to come. 28 types of scholarship and financial assistance are available to cadets of different states by various organisations and state governments.


The costs of training include accommodation, books, uniform, boarding and medical expenses. However, the responsibility of arranging money to meet private expenses of a cadet rests on the shoulders of their parents. The limit for which cannot be exceeded beyond Rs. 3,000.


If the parents of a cadet are earning less than Rs. 21,000 per month and unable to meet the expenses of their ward, then the government provides Rs. 1000 as financial assistance to those cadets.

Immediately after the final selection, a cadet has to pay a total amount of Rs. 59,850 in favour of commandant, National Defence Academy on their arrival. The amount is being utilized for the benefits of cadets and to meet their personal expenditure.


The breakup of the amount is as follows:

  1. Rs. 15,000 pocket allowance for 5 months, which amounts to Rs. 3,000 per month
  2. Rs. 21, 831 for clothing/equipment
  3. Rs. 7,200 for Army Group Insurance Fund. Cadets can get a Rs. 15 lakh insurance cover by paying a one-time non-refundable premium of Rs. 7,200/- from the date they enter for pre-commission training, which is for three years.
  4. Rs. 8, 681 for immediate clothing requirement on arrival
  5. Rs. 7138 for incidental expenditure during 1st semester


They are also accorded financial assistance. They also get refund of Rs. 2000 as pocket allowance for 5 months, which accounts for Rs. 400 per month. A sum of Rs. 13, 895 is returned for clothing and equipment.

We’d like to emphasise that NDA is an examination that selects candidates for recruitment into the Indian Army's three wings: Military, Navy, and Air Force. Being a military officer has always been a dream come true for budding defence aspirants and Trishul is your trusted partner to help you climb the ladder of success by cracking NDA in the very first attempt.