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UPSC NDA 2 2022 Expected Cut off | Check Previous Years NDA 1 & 2 Cutoff Marks Here

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will issue the NDA 2 2022 Cut off after the enlistment procedure is concluded. The NDA cut-off is the minimum passing score required to qualify for the test and advance to the next step of the selection process. NDA cut-off marks in written tests and SSB interviews must be independently verified by aspirants. Based on the stated cut-off, applicants are selected for admission to the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force wings of the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme).

The NDA 2 2022 Expected Cut-off is published once the examination has passed successfully. The NDA 2 2022 Expected Cut-off marks, which are based on the examination's difficulty level, can be seen here. The NDA 2 exam's expected cut-off marks, as well as the NDA 2 exam's prior year's cut-off marks, are also available to candidates. The NDA 2 2022 Expected Cutoff marks are provided below, based on recent years' trends.

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Download NDA & CDS Answer Key 2022

NDA 2 2022 Stage and Expected Cut off

Stage Expected Cut Off
Written Exam 350 - 360
Final Cut Off 704 - 71

The NDA Cutoff is influenced by many factors:

  • The total number of roles available
  • The total number of people who attended the interview.
  • The exam's level of difficulty.
  • Reservation Trends Norms were reduced last year.
  • The difficulty level of the questions.

Complete Answer Key Set of NDA 2 2022 Exam

Trishul Defence Academy experts will use the information provided by exam applicants to provide a complete NDA 2 Exam Analysis to students. The NDA 2 exam difficulty level, NDA 2 good attempts, and NDA 2 questions asked in today's exam will all be covered in detail in the in-depth exam analysis. As a result, candidates are encouraged to stay in touch to receive expert advice and evaluate their exam prospects. You can also review the previous year's NDA exam analysis to get an idea of the exam's difficulty level and question types. The answers to the questions on the exam question sheets are contained in the answer key. The answer key can be used by applicants to study and analyse their exam performance.

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Although UPSC has not released the entire schedule for NDA 2 2022, we have provided the additional probable days based on the exam date.

Following the steps below, you can verify the NDA 2022 Cutoff marks:

  • Step 1: Go to UPSC's official website and look for the NDA Cutoff
  • Step 2: A new page will open, displaying the cutoff PDF file.
  • Step 3: Review the UPSC NDA cutoffs for each category.
  • Step 4: Save the file to your PC for later use.

In two stages, UPSC publishes the NDA written test cut-off and the final NDA cut-off.

Cutoff for the NDA Written Exam - Candidates must achieve a certain percentage of marks to qualify for the NDA written exam. The UPSC is in charge of determining the minimum qualifying score. Along with the final NDA result, the official aggregate cutoff is announced. A minimum qualifying score of 25% in mathematics and 25% in GAT is required for each paper. Candidates must complete a large number of practice papers to improve their exam performance

Final NDA Cutoff - Candidates who pass the written exam and the SSB interview will be eligible for the final NDA cutoff in 2022. The final NDA cutoff is determined by the candidate's combined score from the NDA written exam and SSB interview after the SSB interview. Before attending the interview, candidates should check the toppers' preparation advice

Use NDA study resources to pass the written test, which simply covers all relevant components. Candidates will save a significant amount of time by not having to read as many books to study a subject in this manner. In NDA, the sectional cutoff marks were also different. It's usually in the range of 25% to 30%. There will be no precise cutoff points for people who are SC, ST, or OBC. A single cutoff is used to choose or reject candidates from all groupings. Based on their performance in the written exam and SSB interview, the shortlisted applicants will be asked to attend the specific academy. Accepted candidates will undergo three years of instruction. Candidates must review the details of the NDA physical assessment.

The NDA 2 2022 Answer Key is a strategy for forecasting NDA exam results for the following year. After completing this exam and clearing the cut-off, students will be eligible to participate in SSB interviews for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Naval Academies. As a result, candidates will have more time before the NDA 2 Cut Off 2022 to validate the NDA Answer Key 2022, which will take some time. As a result, they should begin studying for the SSB examinations as soon as possible, as interviews for these posts will commence shortly thereafter. After downloading the NDA answer key, applicants should compare their answers to those noted during the test. Candidates can estimate their scores by comparing their findings to the results of other candidates

Based on the information submitted by exam applicants, Trishul Defence Academy professionals can provide a comprehensive NDA 2 2022 Exam Analysis. The overall exam analysis will include data on the difficulty level of the NDA 2 exam, NDA 2 good attempts, and NDA 2 exam questions. As a result, candidates are encouraged to maintain contact to obtain expert assistance and assess their exam options. You can also look at the NDA Exam Analysis from the prior year to get a sense of the exam's difficulty level and question kinds. The answer key contains the answers to the questions on the examination question sheets. The answer key can be used to evaluate and review a candidate's exam performance. Candidates will be able to estimate whether or not they will be selected for the SSB Interview as a consequence of this. Within a week, the UPSC Commission will publish the official NDA 2 2022 Answer Key on its website. Applicants can get the solution key in pdf format by inputting their question paper code and subject-wise classification.By comparing their scores to those of other candidates, applicants might estimate their own. By looking at the exam answers, candidates might estimate their grades. By checking the answers in the provided answer key, candidates can estimate their scores. Candidates must follow the marking scheme employed by the test administrators to determine their final result

Both a written exam and an SSB interview are part of the NDA 2 2022 Exam Pattern. The written portion of the NDA exam is broken into two parts: mathematics and general ability. The written exam is worth 900 points in total. The SSB Psychological Aptitude and Intelligence Interview are open to those who pass the written exam. The SSB Interview has a point value of 900. The NDA test pattern 2022 highlights the examination format, number of questions, total marks, time length, and other details. The NDA written exam's GAT and Mathematics components are split into two parts. There will be no subjective questions on the exam. There will be 150 questions on the GAT, with 120 in the Mathematics part. The exam will be divided into two parts, each of which will take two hours and twelve minutes. The GAT will be worth 600 points, while the Math section will be worth 300. The GAT is divided into two sections. English makes up Part A, while General Knowledge makes up Part B

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