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NDA 1 2021 Mathematics question paper analysis

NDA (1) Exam 2021 was held on April 18, 2021 and the Mathematics Paper of NDA 1 consisting of 120 questions was balanced and of moderate level. Here is the complete breakdown of NDA 1 2021 Mathematics question paper. All the topics were covered but there were some exceptions like none of the questions figured up from the binary section. Going through topic wise analysis of questions we can deduce that the Algebra and statistics topic covered highest ever count, i.e. 33 and 15 questions respectively out of 120 questions that’s nearly 27.5% and 12.5% of the paper.

Candidates can learn the section-by-section weighting of topics and the difficulty level of the topics by reading the NDA exam analysis for Mathematics. Candidates would also learn about the topics about which the most questions were asked in the NDA test. So continue to read on...

In terms of complexity, the paper was moderately difficult overall. Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Integration, Matrix, Differentiation, Trigonometry, Permutation, and Combination were among the topics covered. Candidates can examine the paper analysis to learn about the overall difficulty level, section-by-section difficulty level, subject distribution, number of successful attempts, and so on. In contrast to the previous NDA question papers, Algebra covered a larger portion of the paper, with 33 questions, which are minimum number of questions on Algebra as expected.












Vector and 3D


Set Relation of Functions




Coordinate Geometry-2D






This paper has easy to moderate level questions on complex numbers (5), Quadratic equations (5), Binomial expansions (3), Permutation and Combination (3), AP (2) and Logarithms (2), etc.


Moreover, the breakup of other topics in Algebra is Geometrical (2), Matrices (4), Determinant (7) and Biennial theorem (3). There were five questions from Set Relation of Functions, which I have kept out of Algebra purview. Commenting on Determinants, the weightage was good, 7 questions which are higher than NDA 2 2020 paper.


Overall, there were 18 questions from Trigonometry. Out of the ten questions in Coordinate Geometry-2D, the topics of coordinate geometry/systems and straight lines covered a large number of them. The paper followed the normal pattern of one question per circle, parabola, and ellipse. Let us move on to the next topic, Calculus. This section had a total of 26 questions.


Integral and Differential Calculus were accompanied by approximately 26 questions, with a good number of questions on Limits, Derivatives, Integral Calculus, and Differential Equations. The difficulty level of these questions ranged from easy to moderate.


As is customary, vector and 3D covered approximately 8% of the question paper, i.e. 10 questions out of 120, all of which demanded basic knowledge of the subject, including all subtopics. There were a total of 15 questions in the statistics section. Statistics necessitated a conceptual understanding of central indicators of tendency and key formulas. The level of questions on this subject, on the other hand, was average. Surprisingly, Probability only had three questions. Students who had done well in Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics & Probability, Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus have an edge over their counterparts.


After reviewing this article, we can deduce that NDA is looking for more expertise in Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. We'll meet again soon to go over each and every question on the NDA (1) Exam 2021.