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Latest Lecturette Topics For Air Force Selection Board

Air Force Selection Board is Situated at following Places:-

5AFSB- Guwahati

In this Blog we are trying to share you the list of Lecturette Topics which are prevailing in Air Force Selection Boards.This List is Purely based on the Experience Of Our Students Who have Faced SSB Interviews at Above Air Force Selection Boards.Lecturette Topics For Air Force Selection Board are as follows:-

· Chinese goods impact on India
· Division of states
· Election commission
· Global Warming
· India: a global R&D destination
· Influence of western culture
· Is consumer still a king?
· Justice delayed is justice denied
· Love marriage or arrange marriage
· Make in India
· Nasalism, Digital Sector, Instagram, Indo Myanmar relations
· National Integration, Television, Mercy Killing
· New technologies in India, Nuclear power
· Police Duties
· Power and Politics
· Reforms in UN security council
· Role of India in united nation
· Sex Education,
· Organ Donation
· Cybercrime
· Defense budget
· Indian Economy
· India-Srilanka ties
· Indo-China relations
· Industrialization
· Internal situation of Pakistan
· Medical Science
· Mobile phones
· Modernization
· Organic farming
· Paid media
· Population – Merits and demerits
· Reservation system
· Sign language
· Sponsorship in sports
· Training in Armed Forces
· Women Empowerment
· Yoga

NOTE: These lecturette topic may or may not be likely to repeat in your upcoming SSB’s. These are only based on the experiences of the aspirants who recently gone through SSB’s at various selection centres.

The Aim Of Writing this Blog is To Make Candidates Prepare for Lecturette.Candidates need to have Fair amount of Knowledge, Power Of Expression, Confidence Level and Smiling Face when they are delivering a Lecturette

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