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CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key

Combined Defence Services (CDS) Examination is one of the toughest exams in India. It was a test to select future defence personals of all categories and admit them to defence academies across the nation. According to recent notification, CDS 1 2022 exam will be commenced from April 10, 2022. The mathematics paper plays a big role in clearing this exam. So, CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key will be vital for students.

Download CDS 1 2022 Answer Key of All Set

Check All Set:https://trishuldefenceacademy.in/answerkey2022/

CDS 1 2022 Math Answer Key:

Here we present you the CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key. To count your marks, just click on the link below. However, let us inform you that this is not the official answer key. These keys are prepared by experienced faculties of Trishul Defence Academy.

CDS 1 2022 Maths ANSWER KEY:

Download Download Download Download

How To Download CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key:

Following instructions can lead you to download the CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key

Step 1: : Visit Trishul Defence Academy's official website. It will be more convenient for students to use the link provided above to download the CDS 1 2022 Maths Answer Key.

Step 2: :Once on the Trishul Defence Academy's homepage, aspirants need to click on the 'Examination' option.

Step 3: :When you click on the 'Examination' tab, a drop-down list display.

Step 4: : Candidates can find the 'Answer Key' tab in the drop-down list. Select that tab.

Step 5: : Look for CDS (I) 2022.

Step 7:: When you click on the link, a pdf file with the Maths answers appears.

Step 7:: Save the CDS 1 2022 English answer key to your smartphones or computer.

How to Calculate CDS 1 2022 Maths Marks:

It is quite easy to count your marks on Maths. You just have to add 1 mark for each right answer and subtract 0.33 for each incorrect answer.

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme of CDS 1 2022 examination:-

The table below can give you a glimpse of the CDS 1 2022 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme:

Specifications English GK Mathematics
Maximum Marks 100 100 100
Marks for Correct answer +1 +1 +1
Negative marking -0.33 -0.33 -0.33

the CDS Answer Key is like mirror that reflects the chances of getting a place in merit list. By knowing your marks, you can take future steps.

The UPSC's official website is where you may get the answer key.

A candidate may get a place in merit list if he obtains a score of 90-130.

Although SSB interview is the most difficult stage of CDS examination, it can be cleared through adequate strategy. However, joining a premium institute increases the chance of clearing interview. In this case, we will recommend Trishul Defence Academy. It has been serving as a finest institute for CDS exams. The success rate of Trishul Defence Academy is relatively higher due to the guidance of most skilled and experienced teachers.

UPSC CDS-2 2021 Expected Cut Off

CDS-2 2021 Expected Cut Off
Academy Name Written Final
IMA (Indian Military Academy) 120 – 130 245 – 255
AFA (Air Force Academy) 145 – 150 268 – 270
INA (Indian Naval Academy) 105 – 120 233 – 245
OTA (Officers’ Training Academy) Men 73 – 85 162 – 170
OTA (Officers’ Training Academy) Women 74 – 85 164 – 170

CDS 1 Cutoff 2021

Academy Expected Cut off marks
Indian Military Academy (IMA) 125-128
Indian Naval Academy (INA) 118-120
Air Force Academy (AFA) 140-142
Officers Training Academy (OTA) – Male 95-98
Officers Training Academy (OTA) – Female 95-98

Official CDS Cut Off I 2020

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 130 250
INA 118 242
AFA 143 274
OTA (Men) 93 173
OTA (Women) 93 177

Official CDS Cut Off II 2019

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 134 258
INA 122 245
AFA 148 272
OTA (Men) 95 176
OTA (Women) 95 179

Official CDS Cut Off I 2019

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 116 242
INA 105 233
AFA 129 264
OTA (Men) 78 160
OTA (Women) 78 162

Official CDS Cut Off II 2018

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 116 242
INA 102 228
AFA 131 253
OTA (Men) 80 162
OTA (Women) 80 163

Official CDS Cut Off I 2018

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 118 240
INA 98 225
AFA 138 279
OTA (Men) 69 154
OTA (Women) 69 150

Official CDS Cut Off II 2017

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 120 244
INA 111 237
AFA 135 260
OTA (Men) 86 167
OTA (Women) 86 171

Official CDS Cut Off I 2017

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 125 249
INA 118 241
AFA 144 268
OTA (Men) 82 163
OTA (Women) 82 164

Official CDS Cut Off II 2016

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 105 227
INA 90 225
AFA 135 258
OTA (Men) 72 157
OTA (Women) 72 159

Official CDS Cut Off I 2016

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 72 214
INA 63 217
AFA 123 249
OTA (Men) 68 150
OTA (Women) 68 157

Official CDS Cut Off II 2015

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 105 227
INA 99 227
AFA 138 269
OTA (Men) 84 166
OTA (Women) 84 170

Official CDS Cut Off I 2015

Academy Name Written Final
IMA 102 225
INA 99 255
AFA 129 264
OTA (Men) 86 168
OTA (Women) 86 172


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