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Best SSB Coaching In Prayagraj

Best SSB Coaching In Prayagraj: Focus and Preparation are the fundamental two things that are essential to crack the Indian Armed Forces entrance exams.

Without the correct preparation and focus no candidate will get ready to crack defence entrance exams and Trishul Defence Academy which is the best coaching institute for SSB interview in Prayagraj is known for giving the greatest number of selections in the Armed Forces whether its Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force through proper direction and guidance given by the Retd. Wing Cdr.Anoop Mehrotra. 

 The teaching given by our tutor and the choice proportion of Trishul Defence Academy made it the best coaching institute for SSB test in Prayagraj. 

 In the SSB interview candidates need to arrive at a day preceding the test date. 

 SSB test is a five-day process where applicants need to appear for various tests given by the three officials for example Interviewing Officer, GTO Officer, and the Physiological Officer. They test every single competitor who is available for the SSB test. Every day competitors need to experience another sort of test, for example, 


  • It is led in three stages 
  • Officials Intelligence Test 
  • Picture Perception Depiction Test 
  • Group Discussion 


  •  It is led in four stages 
  • SRT (Situation Reaction Test) 
  • WAT (Word Association Test) 
  • TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) 
  • SDT (Self Description Test) 


  •  It is led in nine stages 
  • Group Discussion 
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT) 
  • Military Planning Exercise 
  • Group Obstacle Race/Snake Race 
  • Lecturette
  • Half Group Task (HGT) 
  • Singular Obstacles 
  • Order Task 
  • Last Group Task (FGT) 


  •  Candidates are called for the interview round. 
  • Interview round with the all the three officers-
  • Where they are asked 10 – 12 questions identified with them. 


  •  Candidates are called and results are reported. 

Trishul Defence Academy which is the best defence coaching institute for SSB in Prayagraj was established by the Wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra (Ex NDA, Ex GTO) in the year 2003. 

Applicants who come to Trishul Defence Academy which is the best training for SSB in Prayagraj and join the course are given numerous facilities:-

  1.  Separate lodging facility for males and females applicants.
  2. We have our own GTO ground. 
  3. Spoken English classes.
  4. Physical Fitness Classes for understudies of Trishul Defence Academy on each Sunday 
  5. SSB classes are led by Wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra (Ex NDA and Ex GTO) 
  6. Each Monday another batch is coordinated for SSB 
  7. 15 students are there in a SSB batch.
  8. Lecturette classes are required each day. 
  9. Group Discussion classes are required on consistently. 
  10. Personal Interview Classes are taken by Col. PankajMehrotra. 
  11. Psychological classes are taken by Group Capt. A.K.Maini
  12. PIQ structure is polished in each batch
  13. Screening test is done on keen board to give the sensation of the genuine test. 
  14. PPDT is done on keen board to give the sensation of genuine test. 
  15. GPE and MPE is done on each substitute day.