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Best AFCAT Coaching In Allahabad

AFCAT 1 2021 Notification has been officially released. Now the defence aspirants who are the first time attempters would probably looking for a suitable defence coaching in order to crack AFCAT exam. This blog is especially for the Allahabad situated habitant defence aspirants. After reading this blog you would be able to get an idea as to which is the best defence coaching in Allahabad for AFCAT. 

Firstly if you are unaware with the idea of Allahabad City’s about then we are providing below a detailed section for it. 

About Allahabad City 

Allahabad (Prayagraj) is a city located in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India, the administrative headquarters of Allahabad district and a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus. Its ancient name is 'Prayag'. The place of Prayag mentioned in Hindu scriptures is located at the confluence of the holiest river Ganga and Yamuna. Here Saraswati river secretly meets at Sangam, hence it is called Triveni Sangam, where MahaKumbh Mela is held every twelve years. 

Here, the Kumbh Mela is organized every six years and every twelve years, in which crores of devotees from different corners of the world come to take a dip of faith in the holy Triveni Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Hence, this city is also known by the names Sangamanagari, Kumbhanagri, Tambunagari etc.

Allahabad is also one of the important education centres of the country. It is known as the exam centre location, coaching institutes city due to it’s highly accessibility plus affordability options subject to transport, food, accommodation and much more. That is why thousands and thousands come here to prepare for their respective government entrance exams especially. In terms of defence stream Allahabad is a place of dedicated coaching centre. As a Air Force aspirant the key is to find the best AFCAT coaching. Check out the below as to find the best AFCAT coaching in Allahabad.

Trishul Defence Academy – The Best NDA Coaching In Allahabad 

Trishul Defence Academy is known as the best AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad. For every defence aspirant living in Allahabad or even to planning to come here for studies only chooses Trishul Defence Academy as it is the most trustable coaching institute.  

Set up by Former Air Force Officer, Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir, TrishulDefence Academy in its long excursion of 15 years has demonstrated its of being the best defence coaching institute. As the defence coaching institute, Trishul Defence Academy has given officer and non-officer rank selections in India that too on a consistent basis.

With its branches spread all over India, Trishul has a point of giving the most ideal education to each understudy and at every step guide them to achieve their targeted goals.

Classes Backed By Retired Officers 

TrishulDefense Academy believes in giving the best direction to the understudies by giving classes by the accomplished officials of Indian Armed Forces like Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir and Col. Pankaj Mehrotra Sir having an enormous experience in serving in Indian Armed Forces and also as SSB Interview Officers over the last decades. 

Special Crash Course 

Special Crash Course of TrishulDefense Academy is desginedfor the specified period of 4 Months which gives the readiness to the students who are going to appearing for various defence entrance exams.Trishul’s special crash course has set a benchmark of success in defence entrance education line both in offline/online mode.

Physical Fitness Preparation 

TrishulDefense Academy is devoted for Physical Fitness Training of the competitors via prepared PET instructors and Ex- servicemen of Indian Armed Forces. Physical training session helps the candidates to test his or her physical capacity and achieve the target of cracking the exam. 

Social Activites

TrishulDefense Academy coordinates different social activities like Clean India campaign, KargilDiwas, No tobacco Day, International Yoga Diwas and many more. It helps in maintaining our social responsibility parameter as a coaching institute and keeps the student socially motivated. 

Online/Offline Test 

TrishulDefense Academy's gives Online/Offline test facility for students who are showing up for the different Online Defense Examination like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Navy, AA/SSR and AF X/Y , MNS, INET etc. 

TDA Publications –For Every Defence Aspirant 

TDA Publications have arranged the best book system thanks to TDA Publications for defence aspirants with various subjects choice covered with updated analysis, sample papers and much more. TDA Publications has emerged as top defence education publication in India and many students have benefited from it so far.


After reading this blog one can easily be sure as to why Trishul Defence Academy is the best AFCAT Coaching in Allahabad. So If you wish to prepare for Defence entrance exams then only Trishul Defence Academy is your place as others only say but it delivers also.